David Topolewski: Learning English is Possible via a Myriad of Resources


English has been touted as one of the most challenging languages in the world to learn. However, learning English can be the difference between remaining in your current job position and getting that next promotion, especially if you work at a global company. A few tips can help you to more quickly and effectively master the English language, according to David Topolewski, the CEO/founder of Qooco, which is an online program that teaches English.

In addition to completing this engaging online foreign language learning program, you may benefit from reading an English journal, newspaper or book that is slightly higher than your current reading level. Reading English prose will improve your vocabulary skills and especially strengthen your knowledge of English words used in a technical area if you read literature related to this specialty field. Just 15 minutes of reading per day can go a long way in helping you to improve your English reading comprehension ability.

You can also set time aside each day to watch documentaries or movies and even watch speeches. You can start out by using subtitles when watching movies and then turn them off as your listening skills improve. If possible, it helps to maintain a diary of all of the skills you learn while engaging in grammar, listening and reading activities. This will give you an idea of how much progress you are making over time. After you achieve new goals in your English learning efforts, it is additionally wise to give yourself a motivational reward.

English can come in handy both in your professional life and even in your personal life if you plan to travel abroad. This is why Qooco exists – to help you to learn this language in an enjoyable and customized way. With the right resources, you truly can accomplish your foreign language learning goals.


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