David Topolewski: Mastering one of the Most Complex Languages – Mandarin Chinese – Can be Easier Than You Think


David Topolewski: Mastering one of the Most Complex Languages – Mandarin Chinese – Can be Easier Than You Think

Mandarin Chinese continues to be an in-demand language to learn for one chief reason: It is considered the language of the future.  With native Mandarin Chinese speakers currently numbering more than one billion, it is easily already one of the most-spoken languages in the world.  In addition, China’s economy continues to expand at a fast pace, so learning the language will become even more valuable in the decades ahead.  One online program that has a proven track record for helping students to understand this complex language is Qooco, headed by CEO/founder David Topolewski.

Mandarin Chinese syllables each have one of four different tones that totally alters what a person is attempting to say.  This naturally causes confusion for students who are just beginning to learn the language.  Qooco stands out because it has a unique Mandarin-education app that features tonal recognition.  The program’s speech technology will listen to you and let you know whether or not your tones are accurate; it will also give you feedback on ways you can improve.

In addition to using this popular program, Mandarin Chinese students may wish to watch a Chinese television show or listen to songs in Chinese.  This can be enjoyable since you are learning about the country’s pop culture while simultaneously strengthening your comprehension skills.  It can help to start out by watching an animated television show or listening to a tune designed for children before progressing to more complicated programs and music.

It is also important to note that studying Mandarin Chinese can be most fruitful if you focus on practicing frequently versus simply studying for long periods.  With Qooco, you can complete several exercises per lesson, with each exercise taking just five minutes to finish.  The exercises involve listening without and with phonetic spellings, speaking and reading, focusing on the standard Mandarin accent.  Over time, you will become more confident and more capable of speaking this language and thus put yourself in the best position to succeed globally in the coming years.


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