David Topolewski: Studying a New Language is Good for You in a Number of Ways


David Topolewski: Studying a New Language is Good for You in a Number of Ways

Mastering your own language can already be challenging, so the thought of learning a complete new language on top of this may seem downright overwhelming and even unnecessary.  However, learning a second language has a plethora of benefits.  These benefits can be both short-term and long-term, according to David Topolewski, CEO and founder of online language learning program Qooco.

One of the hugest advantages of mastering another language is that you will enjoy better job opportunities.  When you are bilingual, you have a competitive advantage when it comes to looking for jobs and maintaining your current job.  Companies that are interested in expanding globally especially look for bilingual staff and are willing to pay them well and reward them with excellent benefits.

In addition, studying a second language has a positive effect on your brain.  Language learning studies have been shown to delay brain diseases’ onset, thus making you less at-risk for getting dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.  Furthermore, knowing a different language gives you more travel opportunities.  Knowing English gives you the chance to visit Europe and North America with more confidence, and learning Mandarin Chinese makes it easier for you to communicate with foreigners in China.

The more you practice a second language, the more attention you are likely to pay to your primary language’s vocabulary and grammatical structure.  As a result, people who are learning new languages often find that their comprehension of their primary languages improves.  Mastering a different language additionally enhances you knowledge of the modern world and allow you to understand differences between different countries.

Finally, understanding a second language can be personally satisfying, especially as you find yourself getting better and achieving new milestones.  Through the guidance of Qooco, you can quickly make English or Mandarin Chinese your next known language and thus expand your professional and leisure opportunities worldwide.


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