Learning English at Any Age


Learning English at Any Age

While it is generally granted that the English language is one of the most difficult languages to master, it is also true that anyone can learn any language, as long as they are properly motivated. Some people believe that, as we grow older, learning becomes more difficult, but this is not always the case. It is more true to the point that as many people age, they become more rigid in their beliefs and such an attitude can become a large impediment to learning.

One person who is a strong believer in the human capacity to learn at any stage of life is David Topolewski. As the founder and CEO of Qooco, a mobile learning SaaS company for both English and Mandarin, he has good reason for holding such a strong opinion. He has witnessed the growth in learning among people of every age and nationality and understands that attitude and motivation are very strong factors that contribute to the ease or difficulty of learning a new language.

We all marvel at little children who can be thrust into an entirely new culture and language and are able to not only adapt but to readily integrate language and cultural behaviors without hesitation or doubts as to their ability to do so. This is because they have fewer preconceived notions about learning or adapting to new environments.

Likewise, adults of any age can find learning a new language, even English, to be an exciting and fun process. David Topolewski offers some simple tips to make the learning method even easier and more encouraging. One simple tip is to listen to the new language as much as possible. In these digital times, a student can even watch foreign films in their native language and read the subtitles.

Another excellent trick is to learn songs in the language one wishes to learn. For some reason, learning from a song seems like an easier and more enjoyable way to remember new phrases and words.

Just remember that even if English is not your native tongue, you can soon learn to speak as well as any American you may encounter, with the right attitude and motivation to drive you forward.


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