How to Learn Mandarin Chinese Easily


How to Learn Mandarin Chinese Easily

Many of us are familiar with the phrase “It is Greek to me,” which means that something is completely foreign to that person.  Of course, if one grows up in a Greek household, this phrase is nonsensical, since Greek is a familiar language.  And familiarity is the key to learning any new language, even Mandarin Chinese.  The more familiar that one becomes to a language, the easier it is to learn it.

For David Topolewski, this more than makes sense.  As the founder and CEO of Qooco, a mobile language program that allows students to learn English or Mandarin Chinese, he has seen the results of repetition and familiarity and how it creates confidence within a student.  Of course, any new language can initially be daunting and somewhat overwhelming.  But at the same time, it can be seen as exciting and intriguing.  With the growth of China as an international superpower, it makes more and more sense to consider learning the Mandarin Chinese language.

For one thing, it is a beautiful language, almost similar to singing.  In actuality, because Mandarin Chinese is a tonal language, native speakers have a tendency to have perfect pitch when it comes to music.  Studies have shown that somewhere between 60% – 75% of Chinese speakers do have perfect pitch when tested.  This, in and of itself, should be a strong motivator to learn this beautiful language.

Even more motivating is breaking the barrier of disbelief.  Many Americans only speak their native language and even considering learning a new language appears to be an insurmountable barrier.  However, imagine the confidence and pride a person will experience if they devote themselves to learning a new language.

With today’s tools and resources readily available to anyone with an Internet connection, learning Mandarin Chinese can actually be a fun and exciting process.  Just ask David Topolewski, who has seen the thrill in the faces of his students who are mastering Mandarin Chinese!



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