The Student Comes First, According to Qooco CEO David Topolewski


The Student Comes First, According to Qooco CEO David Topolewski

David Topolewski is the chief executive officer of Qooco, a mobile education company that specializes in making learning Mandarin easy and fun.


Before becoming a part of this new educational company, Mr. Topolewski began his business career by getting a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Yale University.  Soon after graduation he went to work for Smith Barney, where he provided merger analysis and business proposals for companies in various sectors, such as housing, retail, energy, and finance.  After getting his master’s in business administration from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, he then moved on to Houlihan Lokey, where he helped to develop advanced cash flow models for firm analysis.  He also focused on mergers and solvency options.  He also served as chief financial officer for HBA/Hirsch Bedner Associates, a firm responsible for designing some of the most well-known and beautiful hotel interiors in the world.  Mr. Topolewski also helped a video gaming company, 7th Level, to expand and open publicly on the NASDAQ stock exchange.


Today, Mr. Topolewski is happy to be a part of Qooco.  The company combines live online instruction with interactive speech recognition technology so that students can get the most out of their study time, by practicing with spoken repetition and vocabulary review and also speaking with a live expert in Mandarin.  At Qooco, the student comes first.  The company makes sure that students are matched up with the teacher that is right for them, and they also make sure that the program is fun, flexible, and interactive.


Qooco also sponsors various programs for students in need, making state-of-the-art educational opportunities available to students in Cambodia, the Philippines, China, and Indonesia.  And, the company, under David Topolewski’s leadership, is also a partner with both the YMCA, the WholeTree Foundation, and AkarakA, a group that provides educational funding for underprivileged children.





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