Why Qooco is a Leading Foreign Language Learning Program Worldwide


Why Qooco is a Leading Foreign Language Learning Program Worldwide

Back in the day, school tests were mostly built on regurgitating material learned in class.  As a result, those with strong memorization skills had the best chance of excelling on tests.  The problem, however, is that once the test was over, students oftentimes forgot the material they had memorized since they never used it.  Studying a foreign language requires more than just memorizing words: It requires interactive engagement.  This is the premise on which Qooco is built.

According to David Topolewski, founder and CEO of Qooco, constant practice is necessary to master a new language.  The company, which teaches English and Mandarin Chinese, uses gamification in order to keep its lessons fun and stimulating.  It relies on digital teaching, virtual classrooms and cloud technology to educate students.  With the Internet and mobile technology becoming more widespread, Qooco is able to revolutionize how people all over the world learn language.

The company uses mobile device and desktop computers to deliver a stellar learning experience based on leading pedagogies.  Because the company has created multiple learning platforms – all of which work well with students’ modern lifestyles – learners can work on their new language anywhere and at anytime, and they can be confident that they will see tangible results.

Because students practice the new language frequently in this cost-effective online program, they are able to speak more confidently.  Qooco assists thousands of students in the hospitality and education sectors with its Qooco Hospitality and Qooco Kids programs, which were created to meet their respective users’ specific needs.  The proven program is now used in Southeast Asia as well as in Japan and China.  It also has 11 support languages, including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Malay, German, Indonesian, Thai and Mexican Spanish.  With the program’s help, people across the globe can become proficient at a new language much sooner than they may have ever thought possible.



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