Ways to Become Fluent in a New Language


The older you get, the harder it can become to grasp new information – including learning a totally new language.  However, with constant practice and self-confidence, it is possible to become fluent in another language, according to the founder of Qooco, David Topolewski. Qooco is an online learning program for students interested in speaking English or Mandarin Chinese.  Here are some ways you as a foreign language learner can improve your chances of speaking in another tongue more quickly, efficiently and effectively.

A strong motivating factor can make any daunting task seem accomplishable, and this is particularly true when learning a different language.  It is critical that you have a good reason for learning the language; otherwise, your passion to learn it will eventually dwindle like air being let out of a balloon.  Your reason for mastering a new language may be to achieve a career objective or to master your spouse’s or loved one’s native language. 

It is also advantageous to listen to the new language often before speaking in it.  Pay attention to how pitch variations can differentiate words, and study the rhythms and voice inflection typically used when speaking in the language.  Then, when you are ready to speak, refuse to be fearful.  Although it is natural to fear making mistakes when learning a new language, being afraid only holds you back from speaking your new language.  The more you speak it, the easier your new language will be; others can easily help you to correct any mistakes you make.

It is also worth noting that you can learn a language more productively if you focus on learning phrases before you concentrate on mastering individual words.  In this way, you will have something useful to use right away; you can at least speak some phrases to a foreigner as needed, such as “Where is the bathroom” or “May I have some water?” Taking calculated steps to buttress your foreign language speaking skills can make what initially feels like a mountain more like a molehill – one that can easily be conquered.




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