Inaugural RHB Asia Spelling Cup 2013 Debuts in Singapore


Singapore (PRWEB UK) 1 October 2013

Qooco today announces the hosting of the first annual RHB Asia Spelling Cup. Organized by Qooco, RHB Asia Spelling Cup’s finals will take place in Singapore this year on October 5 2013 at the Holiday Inn Orchard City Center in Singapore. The competition will see 40 finalists from nine Asian countries, including Singapore, represented in the primary and secondary school categories.

David Topolewski, CEO of Qooco said, “The RHB Asia Spelling Cup provides the ultimate challenge for kids to put their spelling skills to the test. Historically, participation has been overwhelming across all markets. As the finals draw closer, we expect an even closer fight on the leader boards to qualify as a finalist for the regionals in Singapore. We wish all participants the best of luck.”

“RHB Asia Spelling Cup is open to students in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Singapore,” added David Topolewski. To participate, students will have to compete in the preliminary rounds via the official RHB Asia Spelling Cup website – or the iSpell game within the Qooco app. The app is available for download for both Android and iOS phones. The top scorers on the local leadership board will be invited to take part in the finals in Singapore on a sponsored trip (this covers flight, transport, food and lodging). The winner of the RHB Asia Spelling Cup will win a cash prize of US$5,000 and a top of the line tablet from Samsung.

Built around the mobile and connected lifestyles of children and young adults today, the qualifying rounds on both the website and the app allow participants to compete at home and on the go. Through the competition, participants are put through levels of difficulty, to spell words such as “staphylococci”, “chiaroscurist”, “autochthonous”, “odontalgia” and “vivisepulture”.

As David Topolewski explained, “Qooco adopts a different approach to learning. Instead of the traditional rote learning method, where students learn spelling through memorization, Qooco’s iSpell game reinforces learning via interactive engagement, which is way more powerful.“

“In a China-based research, we found that kids memorize the spellings and the sounds of English words, but have no idea what a particular word means. This is pointless and a waste of time. The purpose of learning a language is to use it to communicate. It is especially crucial for one to perfect their English in our globalized world, and learning to spell is the first step,” added Topolewski.

“With RHB Asia Spelling Cup, we aim for high impact learning by providing an alternative learning route so that students get the most out of it. This includes learning the spelling, meaning, how to use the word, prefixes and more, via interactive and engaging methods,” he added.

After the competition, finalists are also in for a treat as they will be brought on a day-long trip to Universal Studios Sentosa and the Singapore Night Zoo.

“We are very happy to be hosting this event with RHB Bank, our lead sponsor, and we are grateful for the support from Samsung, Lotte, Volvo Financial Services, Singapore Slingers, the WholeTree Foundation, Nikko Hotel Bali, and others. We are trying to raise the awareness of the importance of spelling, a key building block of English, which is so important in our globalized world,” said Manuel Salvisberg, director of Qooco.

In the 2014 edition of Asia Spelling Cup, students from countries such as India, Myanmar and Pakistan will also be able to compete for the title. At the RHB Asia Spelling Cup final, Qooco will announce the location of next year’s competition.

More information about the RHB Asia Spelling Cup can be found at

About Qooco
Qooco believes that key to mastering any language is practice, practice, practice. Challenging the conventional wisdom of learning simply by rote, we use gamification to keep our lessons stimulating, fun and engaging. As the internet becomes more accessible, so does m-learning (mobile-learning). We educate and empower users around the globe through cloud-based technology, virtual classrooms and digital teaching.

A leading mobile education technology company specializing in spoken English and Mandarin learning solutions, Qooco is driven by the potential technology has to revolutionize the way we learn language. It empowers people to speak with greater confidence via frequent practice. Qooco’s language solutions are proven and one of the most cost-effective in the market. The solution is built on leading teaching methods that yield real results.

Qooco creates multi learning platforms that fuse seamlessly with modern lifestyles, allowing you to learn anytime, anywhere. Qooco provides a fun and interactive experience to help you master a new language on your own terms. The secret sauce behind Qooco’s success is our technologies and pedagogies. Through the use of proprietary speech and analysis tools, Qooco is able to deliver the best learning experience through popular desktop and mobile devices.

Qooco helps thousands of users across the education and hospitality sectors improve their language capabilities. Its specialties include Qooco Kids and Qooco Hospitality which are designed to meet the differing needs of the users. Qooco is currently used in China, Japan and Southeast Asia, with eleven support languages including English, simplified and traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, German, and Mexican Spanish. Plans are also underway to incorporate Urdu language support.

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