David Topolewski’s Language Learning Tips, Part 3


David Topolewski, who leads online language learning company Qooco, provides additional information on how to maximize the impact of language studies.

Find Daily Uses for the Language

There are countless opportunities in your daily life to use your new language. Consider writing your grocery lists in the new language, or translating advertising slogans that you see throughout the day. When you listen to music, think about how you might say key phrases in the language.

Read in the New Language

Find websites, books, or newspapers in the new language and make a habit of reading them regularly. Taking yourself out of the confines of your language course will open you up to new experiences and give the lessons a practical purpose. Reading will also show you how the language is used by native writers in a variety of contexts.

Practice During Spare Moments

If you’re having trouble finding a substantial amount of time to study the language, try to sneak in a few moments during breaks in your day. For instance, during your commute, go over words and phrases, either out loud or in your head. While you are cooking or eating, listen to language lessons or practice vocabulary. Some creative thinking can provide you with new opportunities to practice without taking time out of your day.


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